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Paul Shaver is a guest on Canadian Musician Podcast

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Digging into Nielsen's 2019 Music 360 Canada Report

Aug 21, 201946 minutes

This week, we welcome back Paul Shaver, VP of Music & Radio at Nielsen Entertainment Canada, for what's always a fun and fascinating conversation about Canadian music consumption data. Nielsen recently released its latest "Music 360 Canada" report, which provides a thorough look at music consumption trends. Paul and Mike get into the generational divides between teens, millennials, and their parents with regards to music listening habits, why radio continues to be influential in music discovery, streaming’s potential economic growth, how smart speakers could impact the music industry, the growing popularity of podcasts, and a lot more.

Digging into Canadian Sales & Streaming Data from 2018

Jan 23, 201940 minutes

An interview with Nielsen Music Canada's Paul Shaver

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