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CM Radio - Dec. 13, 2017 - The Northern Pikes, Mikey Manville

Dec 14, 201768 minutes

2017 has been a great year for The Northern Pikes and their dedicated fan base. In addition to reissuing a "super-sized" three-disc edition of their heralded 1987 release Big Blue Sky and embarking on a 30th Anniversary tour in celebration of the release, the band also announced their intention to put out a new album or original material. Mike speaks with drummer Don Schmid about those plans and a lot more.

While many know him as the frontman of rock trio The Manvils, Mikey Manville is fresh from the release of his debut solo offering. The new album, Nocturne Only, showcases a wide breadth of musical and lyrical styles and influences and begs for repeat listens. Manville speaks with Andrew about the segregation between his band and solo work, how The Manvils' third LP is shaping up, and more.

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