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Honey Jam: Fostering Canadian Female Artists

Jul 17, 201953 minutes

Recognizing a need to develop new and valuable opportunities for female performing artists and music industry professionals, Ebonnie Rowe launched Honey Jam back in 1995 as an artist showcase and professional development program dedicated entirely to female performers. In the years since, she and her collaborators have worked tirelessly to encourage more women to step up and over the barriers limiting their potential and empowered them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to do so.

This week, Ebonnie joins us to talk about the 2019 edition of Honey Jam, the progress we've made as an industry in generating representation and opportunities for women and other marginalized groups, and more.

Then, Toronto-based artist Denver Haylee joins us to talk about her experience at Honey Jam 2018 and the progress she's made navigating the industry since. We also get into some of the challenges facing women - specifically women of colour - in Canada and share some ideas on how those can be overcome individually and collectively.

If you're in or around Toronto, mark your calendar - the 2019 Honey Jam Concert happens Thurs., Aug. 22 at the Mod Club.

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