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How SOCAN Gets You Paid - A PRO Primer

Jul 4, 201857 minutes

If you create original music, SOCAN wants to put money in your pocket. It’s that simple. This week, SOCAN's Melissa Cameron-Passley and Aidan D'Aoust join us to simplify the world of performance and neighbouring rights and explain how SOCAN members can make sure they’re getting every cent they’re entitled to.

We touch on how to become a SOCAN member, how the organization collects and distributes royalties, general info about royalty rates from various media, and more. Even if you're already a member, you'll learn about the inner workings of SOCAN and get tips on maximizing the money you're bringing in.

This interview was taken from one of our free music business webinars presented by Canadian Musician and NWC Webinars. To access all of our previous sessions or to register for upcoming ones, visit www.nwcwebinars.com.

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