Rise of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence is changing music creation

Rise of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence is changing music creation

A conversation with Amper Music CEO & Co-Founder Drew Silverstein about using AI to make music and how it'll change the music industry

Show notes

This week, Mike chats with Amper Music CEO and Co-Founder Drew Silverstein. Amper Music is at the leading edge of the artificial intelligence revolution in music. Amper's AI is designed to instantly produce royalty-free production music that matches the length, genre, and mood that the user dictates, while also allowing the user to collaborate with Amper as if they're sitting in the studio with a composer. Frankly, the results are pretty impressive, and Amper is just one of many applications that are using AI to either assist creators or, depending on your perspective, replace them.

"Our goal is to empower anyone around the world to express themselves creatively through music regardless of their background, expertise, or access to resources. As we become successful at that goal, it means that Amper should be involved in the creation and collaboration of every piece of music around the world," Silverstein says in this conversation, while insisting that AI-made music will eventually be indistinguishable from human-made music. What does this mean for musicians and the music industry?

This conversation is a preview of an upcoming article in Canadian Musician magazine in which we address these questions.

Before the interview, Mike talks about a new report from Citigroup that has the industry talking and validates musicians' concerns about getting their fair share of the money.

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