Glass Tiger - Still Going Strong After 31 Years

Glass Tiger - Still Going Strong After 31 Years

An interview with Glass Tiger's Sam Reid

Show notes

Glass Tiger are celebrating over three decades together with the release of 31, their first new studio album since 1991. Produced by Johnny Reid, the new collection includes stripped-down takes on 11 favourites from the band's back catalogue in addition to a pair of new songs. There are also guest appearances from an interesting bunch of collaborators including Julian Lennon, Alan Doyle, Susan Aglukark, Veronic DiCaire, David Maracle, and Johnny Reid himself.

Founding member Sam Reid joins us to talk about how the new collection took shape, how the band has stayed together through some significant industry ebb-and-flow, and more.

Plus, at the top of the show, Mike and Andrew talk about some industry reaction to the Liberal Government's 2018 budget and reveal the top 10 best-selling international artists from 2017 with a guessing game.

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