CM Radio - Nov. 15th, 2017 - Benji Rogers on Blockchain's Potential & Emma-Lee

Nov 16, 201775 minutes

PledgeMusic founder Benji Rogers is now one of the pioneers leading the charge of utilizing blockchain technology in the music industry. Some, like him, are leveraging the technology to empower current industry stakeholders; others see it as a major potential disruption. Rogers joins us to talk about his start-up, Dot Blockchain Media, the potential for blockchain in the music industry and others, and a lot more. With a catalogue of successful co-writes with major recording artists, Emma-Lee is now focusing her attention on her own music and career. Her latest EP, Fantasies: Volume 1, finds her incorporating elements of pop music into her country music foundation. She joins us to talk about the difference between writing for herself and writing for others, her new home in Nashville, and more.

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