CM Radio - Oct. 26, 2016 - Dean Brody, Tomi Swick, Polaris Heritage Prize & More

Oct 26, 201647 minutes

Following a very successful summer festival season, Dean Brody is set to release his sixth studio album, Beautiful Freakshow. The album features his trademark vocal style and unique instrumentation that expands on previous explorations. Mike had the chance to sit down and talk about his approach to the album, its unusual title, the work that goes into maintaining and growing a career in Canadian country, and more. And about a month after his last album's release, Tomi Swick left his label. Now, after several years, he's back with Yukon Motel, which reaffirms the fact that he has one of the most powerful and soulful voices in Canadian music. He talks about channeling the likes of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding on the record, kickstarting his career once again, and more.

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