Music Law Basics for Canadian Musicians

Aug 14, 201952 minutes

Should you sign that contract? Can you remix or cover any song you want? What’s a split sheet? Chances are you’ve encountered a few tough questions related to music law, and if you haven’t yet, trust us. You will.

On this week's podcast, Canadian music lawyer Byron Pascoe of Edwards PC Creative Law walks us through general music law FAQs that will empower you to make good decisions. We also cover common music law agreements - from producer to management agreements - and related negotiation strategies and red flags.

Whether you're just launching your career or scaling the summit to the top of the industry, you're sure to pick up some helpful tips.

This episode is adapted from a recent music business webinar from Canadian Musician and NWC Webinars. To sign up for free webinars and access recordings of all of our previous sessions, visit

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